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fuel hot topics

The FUEL good pyramid is pretty simple, do what's tried & true, 80% of the time or more. Today we go into the other 20%.

RECOVER, What we know

RECOVER is a critical for future health. This month we do a refresher on one of the most powerful areas for future health.

Readiness Recipe

Getting "ready" everyday for work and life comes with MANY different routines. Maybe it's turning on the coffee pot or making a healthy breakfast. If nothing else, there's a specific routine for simple things (socks BEFORE shoes). This month we make the case for another CRITICAL part of the routine - readying the body & mind for the action of the day. MOVE, like a body should...everyday!

change in the air

There aren't many times of the year when it's common to seek out change - January is one of them. This month we dive into the approaches proven to increase the odds of success.

rules of the road

End of the year review. What did we cover in 2023?

thank you through our lens

November works well as a month focused on pausing, reflecting and saying thanks. This month we dive into how it impacts health.

fall rebuild, winter prep

It's only Oct. why are we talking about Winter already? Simple - the body needs time to change gears and ready for the season's unique stresses. Phase 1 - movement

September Stacking Winning Transitions

We get a natural fitness gain in the summer. Can you use it to your advantage and use the weather-break and return-to-normal in routines of September to your advantage? Here's how.

all the bells and whistles

There's a lot coming at us. It's literally changing our brains. This particular adaptation brings risk - more errors and likely more accidents. There are things we can do about it.

Boiling Point; In the Heat of the Summer

The heat of the summer adds risk and inches us closer to our body's threshold. This month we talk more about the threshold, what raises/lowers it, and how simple improvements in movement can make a significant difference.

top off: summer fluids

Take a deeper dive into hydration - when we need to focus on it, why we care about it, and how we go about addressing it.

heat stress is gut stress, too

For years we've told you that heat stress is heart stress...that the demands of increasing body temps stress our cardiovascular system (still true). Now we dive a little deeper, literally, into the gut biome.

under the hood

We take a look 'under the hood' of metabolic health and building efficient energy systems.

spring loaded

Early Spring is here which means change is here with it. Now is a great time of year to focus on RECOVER so we can truly Spring forward.

winterize the body

Winter is HERE and the body has to deal with what? Understanding the risks of a cold & slippery season is important for putting the odds in our favor!

make it stick

January is a month for "new". New slates, new goals, new habits, new resolutions. How do we make it stick? Dive in.

Year in review

The year to move forward. This year we covered 3 critical concepts - this month we review them.


Move like a body should? Yes...and here's a few ways to dive deeper into knowing if you do and if not what to do about it.

Focus on Strength

October is a great month of the year to get back to getting strong. From an injury, illness and disease prevention perspective, it's one of the best tools we have and gets better with age!

View from the top

A break in the weather? Which path will you choose?

Endure the peak

Getting through hard times is not something we often look forward to, but it is something we can learn from (and get better at). This month we take inspiration from 3 amazing stories and the science that backs up their approach 

Getting Through the Heat

Tactics to manage heat exposure better.

Summer Body Language

Feedback, Feedforward and the ways in which our bodies tell us we are getting a little wilted in the heat. Win the Summer!

100 Days of resilience

The Summer heat is a significant injury risk. NOW is the time to get ahead of it.

Fuel good to spring forward

April is a great time of year to "prep" the body with good Fuel. This month we talk through what to eat and the proper "dosing schedule" to get some pretty amazing results.

Looking Back to Jump Forward

We look back on the information of the past to project into the future.

Back to a future of thriving

It's time we begin to shift from just surviving the world toward actually THRIVING. This month we explore some of the health power habits we can leverage to move us along.

Our wish for you

If we could give you a healthy gift this season, THIS is what it'd be. 

healthy HOlidaze

Holidays can be joyous.....and stressful. Here are some ways to keep them healthy.

Yoga Starter kit

Tuning into a deliberate movement practice has benefits across the body systems. Focusing on a yoga practice can be a great step in the fall season to balance the body for the slippery season to come. Hear some of the 'why' and 'what' behind our favorites.

Elements Hacks

September is a great time of year to make an improvement in health and well-being. There are many simple tactics and approaches we can put on our side to make it easier. Here are some of our favorites.

Knee Joint Health

Keeping knee joints healthy and young can help us maintain a quality life long term. Thankfully we've learned a lot about what really drives pain in this area and how to stay ahead of it. Dive in for the details!

Low Back Health

By far the most commonly limiting area of the body. This month we unravel some of the mystery of low back pain. We break down some common myths & history, patterns to consider, and strategies to navigate a new or old flair. 

shoulder health

Shoulder discomfort is on the rise. Over the last several months it's been the most common reason for consultation at employer clients. Dive in to learn a bit more about "why" shoulders hurt.....what they are "supposed to do", how to test them and get them back to where they need to be. 


The hot part of the year is on its way.....the good news is.....we were built for this. With a few other tips/tricks/tactics we can be ready for summer in 2 weeks or less.

Inflammation Reset

Inflammation has been linked to a variety of diseases and disorders. Food choices can increase or decrease inflammatory load. Some of the "best diets" have this as a critical underlying premise. This month we review some of the keys and a few case studies of how people have been able to reset this. 

Twisting Injury Prevention

Whether baseball, golf, gardening or work, improving weather in March often means more spinal twisting. Although known to increase risk of lower back pain, with some risk lowering steps, it doesn't have to.


The Biceps muscle and tendon are a key mover for the upper body, but a common area for injury risk. Keep these key prevention, ergonomic, and mobility considerations in mind to stay on the right side of risk.

Muscle Rupture Prevention

Muscle and tendon rupture are catastrophic injuries - they usually require surgery or extended rehabilitation and can keep us out of work. Understanding the risks can help us prevent this from happening.

MOVE, Deliberately

Movement is CRITICAL for health.....and fitness....and quality of life.....and even the ability to fight off cancer. But sometimes the "how to" part can get missed. Dive into the PDF for more!


The effects of cold stress on the body are a real challenge. This guide reviews tactics for enduring the cold peak & strategies to use the ELEMENTS to winterize our bodies.

Don't Just Sleep, REcover

Sleep is critical to health....but it's more than just quantity. It's also QUALITY. So the question is - are we getting enough of the good stuff? This video explores this and other related questions.

Fuel - From the Ground Up

If you want the sweetest fruit you've got to get all the way to the top of the tree. For those that are still working on building momentum, the place to start may just be FUEL. Here's some thoughts to get started. 

Strain Risk - Dialing in Conditions

While there are many uncontrollable risks for pain and injury, we know certain conditions set the stage for strain. Dialing in these factors starts with first identifying where you stand.


Keys to finding a healthy groove in the heat. When "age" is less about years and more about fitness. These metrics give us a different benchmark for resisting fatigue. Test yours today. DeeP

Keys to finding a healthy groove in the heat. Take the fatigue self-assessment.


Keys to preventing sprains & strains

Beat the Heat Guide

Learn the factors behind heat stress illness, prevention, and response.