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MOVE with us!

Weekdays - 11:00 AM - JOIN LIVE

Join our live stretching session at 11:00 AM each weekday, check out the video above to follow along with Aaron as he works through the Body Inventory, or open other resources by clicking the button below.

However you choose to do it, start your day with 7 movements to prime your body for the day ahead and get ahead of aches and pains!


Need a Poster Print Size of the Body Inventory? Email us!

Now that we are in the thick of Summer, implementing strategies to optimize our 'internal environment' can help us ENDURE. Listen in for key principles that you can implement this summer to speed up your body's 'recharge rate'.

Virtual Resources

Virtual consults, Remote Education, & Live Stretch sessions underway.

Season 1 of QuaranTV Video posted!

Who is "Pro-activity"? What do they do here?

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Health Assets & Infrastructure

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Keep Healthy People Healthy

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Lower Risk - Prevent Events

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Minimize impact of incidents 

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MOVE. Well.

We are built to MOVE. Every cell in our body benefits as we turn on healthy genes and take control of the risks we face. 

Click on the videos on the left to get some ideas of how to work some simple MOVE into your day.

Prime the system

Utilize this simple routine to prepare your body for the work at hand.  

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